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Eco Cleaning with Just Water

Raypath provides eco cleaning, using only water. No need for mops, buckets, wet wipes, sponges, rolls of paper, spray bottles or detergents. Our offer includes primarily innovative cleaning products that have been developed with respect for nature. Raypath cleaning cloths work perfectly with just water, which has a neutral effect on our health and environment. We are Zero Waste 

We are located in Crowley, give us a call at +44 7985 417236 if... Learn more

NanoSilver Technology

The NanoSilver Technology system owes its unusual properties to the unique structure of the cleaners. They consist of microfibers 20 micrometers thick, and their structure resembles human hair. This means that in their profile there is a groove into which dirt can penetrate, concentrate there, and not be transferred to the cleaned material. During washing, dirt is easily rinsed out, and as a result, the fibers remain clean. While using the c... Learn more

Natural & Biodegradable

- We promote waste segregation in order to give trash a new life. 

- Thanks to our recycling system, you can replace your old materials with a new one at half the price. 

- We do not test on animals. We have eliminated the plastic in which our cleaners were wrapped, and we replaced plastic bags with paper ones.

- Our dietary supplements are based on natural ingredients.

- Bottles of our Nanosilver Power line products are made of recycled ... Learn more


Nanofibres and power of water


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Mrs A Nihaz

29 January 2024

29 January


Fast postage! I’m happy with the products.

Tomasz Mlynski

28 January 2024

28 January


Po prostu wspaniale :))


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