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Eco Cleaning with Just Water

Raypath provides an environmentally friendly cleaning system that utilizes only water, eliminating the requirement for conventional cleaning tools and supplies. Our cutting-edge cleaning cloths perform effectively with just water, ensuring a neutral impact on both human health and the environment. We are dedicated to adhering to the Zero Waste philosophy.

For inquiries or to schedule a demonstration of our Cleaning System, please contact us a... Learn more

NanoSilver Technology

The NanoSilver Technology system's distinctive characteristics stem from the unique composition of its cleaning products. These cleaners are composed of microfibers with a thickness of 20 micrometers, akin to human hair. This configuration features a groove that effectively traps and concentrates dirt, preventing its transfer to the cleaned surface. During the washing process, the dirt is effortlessly rinsed away, ensuring the fibers remain ... Learn more

Natural & Biodegradable

- At our company, we actively promote waste segregation as a means of transforming discarded materials into valuable resources, thereby contributing to a circular economy.

- Through our innovative recycling program, we offer our customers the opportunity to exchange their old materials for new ones at a significantly reduced cost, thus encouraging sustainable consumption practices.

- We are committed to ethical and responsible business practic... Learn more


Nanofibres and power of water


23 Reviews

Amelia Wojciechowska

03 April 2024

03 April


This is a game-changer at home! Cleaning process is quick and easy. I also cleaned places with this product, which I couldn't have beforehand with different typ...
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01 April 2024

01 April


Easy buying process and a very responsive seller. I am so impressed with the products, amazing quality. I’ve already placed my second order.


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