Natural & Biodegradable

Natural & Biodegradable

- We promote waste segregation in order to give trash a new life. 

- Thanks to our recycling system, you can replace your old materials with a new one at half the price. 

- We do not test on animals. We have eliminated the plastic in which our cleaners were wrapped, and we replaced plastic bags with paper ones.

- Our dietary supplements are based on natural ingredients.

- Bottles of our Nanosilver Power line products are made of recycled plastic, which allows us to reduce our environmental footprint. 

- We practice sustainable, energy-efficient production at production sites whose ecology management procedures are GMP-certified. - - Our washing liquids do not contain harmful chemicals, such as phosphates, borates, NTA, formaldehyde, EDTA, chlorine-organic compounds or PVC. 

- We use only natural, highly biodegradable ingredients, so the Nanosilver Power products are environmentally safe.  

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