How To Gently Clean Your Skin

How To Gently Clean Your Skin

Our skin, our largest organ, is exposed to a number of harmful factors every day. It is irritated by the sun, wind, frost, invasive treatments, intensive removal of the epidermis ... In winter, it can be especially damaged by the widespread smog in cities.

How do you remove daily impurities from your skin to calm and soothe at the same time? Preferably with the most natural washing substance we have available, i.e. water. It is not only a source of life, it is also a symbol of purity.

Simple cleansing treatments - spectacular effect

Start your evening ritual with makeup removal without the use of cleansing cosmetics. The Face Glove Make-up Removal makes it possible. Just wet it with water and wipe your face to remove makeup.

It is worth using this moment to perform a massage with circular movements, which helps to thoroughly remove make-up, and at the same time stimulates the skin. The skin will be prepared for the application of the GoldenRay deep rebuilding cream.

Face Glove does not irritate

The soft material of the glove is suitable for all skin types as it does not cause irritation. Perfectly removes impurities and stops smudging on the face. Therefore, its use does not require intensive scrubbing of the skin of the face, the neck and cleavage.

When ordinary washing is not enough - use an exfoliating glove.

Do you feel that your face needs a special refreshment? The Face Cleaner exfoliating glove is a higher level of care. Massage with it will remove dead skin cells and bring out natural glow and healthy skin tone. The face and neckline will remain silky smooth and radiant.

How to care for Raypath gloves?

How to make Raypath gloves serve our skin as long as possible? After use, just rinse them with warm water with natural soap with Nanosilver or wash them at a temperature of up to 60 degrees, then hang them to dry, and your gloves will be ready for use again.

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