Microfiber and nanosilver technology

Microfiber and nanosilver technology

Posted on March 11th, 2022

The idea of the brand NanoSilver Technology™ is based on four main pillars


Our cloths do not scratch the surfaces and the pink cloth, in addition, leaves an alectrostati c charge on the surface, so that it does not attract dust. KILLS BAD SMELLS.

The nanosilver in our cleaners is antibacterial, thanks to it you will get rid of unwanted odors. ACTION CONFIRMED BY CERTIFICATES. All tests were carried out by independent research institutes, their results are EFFECTIVELY FIGHTSVIRUSES, BACTERIA AND FUNGI. The results of independent studies have shown that Raypath cleaners reduce up to 99,57% of bacteria and viruses.

Colloidal silver

What is it? its action and properties

Colloidal silver is silver nanoparticles smaller than 100 nm in size, suspended in a liquid. It has broad antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties, affecting pathogens at the cellular level. The silver particles stick to the microbes, damaging their cell membranes, and therefore active silver ions can enter the cells of the microorganisms, damage and kill them from the inside. It is these biologically active ions that are responsible for the so-called nanosilver oligodynamics. This means that even the smallest amount of nanosilver shows the desired effect.


Colloidal silver is widely used in the treatment of wounds, burns and skin diseases, but because it helps fight bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold, it also perfectly cleans and disinfects all external surfaces. It removes dirt and unpleasant odors, eliminating up to 99% of several hundred types of microbes and allergens. Suitable for washing and cleaning.

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