Washing Gel Set - FREE Fabric Softener

Washing Gel Set - FREE Fabric Softener


NanoSilver Power

Safe, eco-friendly and effective. Meet Raypath washing and cleaning agents that remove dirt with the power of nanosilver.

Throw away your toxic detergents - with the NanoSilver Power series, you won't need them anymore.

We have created the NanoSilver Power product line because we care for your health and for the health of your loved ones. The concentrated formula of our liquids has been developed based on ecological ingredients that do not contain any toxic substances, i.e. phosphates, borates, NTA, formaldehyde, EDTA, PVC or chlorine-organic compounds. Discover the power of nanosilver!

Concentrated Washing Gel - White, Color and Black - with nanosilver removes even the most stubborn stains, giving your clothes a new shine. Carefully selected active ingredients penetrate deep into the fibers, removing even the smallest particles of stains.

  • White - special formula containing optical brightener protects your clothes from graying, renews whiteness and helps them stay brilliant for longer. 
  • Colour - special formula maintains the vivid color of clothes for longer, preventing them from turning gray and fading.
  • Black - unique gel formula makes the black retain its depth and intensity.

Perfect cleanliness and long-lasting freshness will make you love your clothes again.

Concentrated Fabric Softener with nanosilver gives incredible softness and freshness to your clothes. Thanks to the unique fragrance, contained in every drop of concentrated liquid, the pleasant smell will delight you with every movement of the fabric. Even a small amount of the softener’s innovative formula will allow you to wrap yourself in a soft aroma of freshness without irritating the skin.

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