142 - Beige Maintenance Glove M

142 - Beige Maintenance Glove M


The Beige material is suitable for cleaning surfaces that do not tolerate too much water. Perfect for the care of wooden floors, parquets, furniture, electronic equipment, TV screens, walls jewelry and even plants!

They are made of 20 micrometre thick microfibres, and their structure is similar to a human hair is has a groove into which any dirt is captured and prevented from being transferred back onto the surface. During the washing, any dirt from the groove is very easily rinsed out and the fibres remain clean. As a result of regular use, the surface of the fibre gets worked out without damaging its structure, which causes it to open, which helps to absorbs dirt even better. It is capable of absorbing unpleasant odors. Colloidal Silver present in the fires only increasing its great properties. 

The beige material works in a similar way to the white one. Since it has a lower fibre density, it binds less water, and so can be wrung out much better. To be used wet, just perfect for cleaning the surfaces that might easily be damaged by excess water. It can be used to clean all types of living room leisure furniture (upholstered with fabric, leather, artificial leather, etc.). Also all types of furnishings, wooden flooring, doors, parquet floors, cork tiling, marble, musical instruments, car interiors, jewellery, electronic equipment (TV, radio, mobile phone, computer, keyboard, etc.), live or artificial plants.

Size 15 cm x 22 cm

to be used slightly wet


When it has been moistened and wrung out firmly.


The maintenance glove can be used for cleaning delicate surfaces which should not be soak in water, i.e. electronic and electrical appliances (TV sets, computers, radio and video sets, telephones etc.), cables, lamps, leather furniture, paintings, musical instruments and car interiors.


Hand-wash the glove, using soft soap, or in a washing machine at 60*C, max spin 800, without fabric softener.

After washing, hang out to dry.

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