206 Floor Mat 50x80cm

206 Floor Mat 50x80cm


Made of nanofibers with colloidal silver (helpful with taking care of viruses, bacteria and mold), has the power of removing negative charge from our body. Like walking bare feet on grass or hugging a tree, which helps grounding ourselves and we all know how beneficial this is.

Who can use it? Everyone.

use it in the baby's pram for comfort and support.

when tired or low energy

unable to sleep

for kids with short concentration spam

overreactive kids

How to use it

put it under your bathroom sink, stand on it while brushing your teeth or washing hands

ley it in the bedroom, you will be walking over it going to bed or getting up

seat on it or put your feet on while reading or watching TV

let your kids seat on it or put they feet on it while studying - you are welcome :)

seat on it while driving long distances - less tired, no body aches.

You can also use it as a regular bathroom mat, it absorbs 4x more water then average bath mat and doesn't get smelly !

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