416 - Sunbeam R grey 150x170cn

416 - Sunbeam R grey 150x170cn


Size: 150x70 cm

Sunbeam SPORT - a practical, multifunctional towel, made of the finest micro-fibres, only 10 micron thick, enriched with  nanosilver particles effectively inhibiting the growth of any microorganisms. It may widely be used in all places particularly vulnerable to infestation with viruses, bacteria and fungi, where maintaining overall hygiene remains of paramount importance. A three-layer arrangement of microfibres makes the water and dirt penetrate straight to the inside of the towel, while its  surface remains clean. That is why Sunbeam SPORT is so handy after a bath at home, at a swimming pool, on the beach, in a gym, spa, sauna, or when travelling. Thanks to its high absorbency, the fabric effectively soaks up all the moisture from the skin’s surface and hair, and prevents rapid dripping, as in the case of the towels made of conventional fabrics. Furthermore, Sunbeam SPORT efficiently absorbs any odours from the skin, as might be resultant from extra exertion. Durable, abrasion-resistant fabric ensures long service life   without losing its excellent characteristics. Finally, it does not take up much space in the luggage, either.

For drying up your body and hair. Apply to the skin with a gentle circular motion, or to a specific point, to remove any moisture from its surface. Dry your hair by rubbing it with a towel vigorously, or wrap the towel around your head like a turban, and wait a while for your hair to dry up.


After use, please rinse the Sunbeam SPORT towel in a soapy water, preferably made with a Nanosilver natural soap. Machine wash also admissible at the temperature of up to 60o, with no water softeners added.

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