422 - Sunbeam Cloth Grey 38x41cm

422 - Sunbeam Cloth Grey 38x41cm


Sunbeam - a practical, multifunctional cloth, made of the finest micro-fibbers, only 10 micron thick, enriched with  nanosilver particles effectively inhibiting the growth of any bacteria, viruses or mold. Cloth shows extremely high absorption capacity due to its dense fibers structure. It removes water and emulsion residues after using the white and beige material giving a perfect shine to cleaned surface. Three-layers of microfibers makes the water and dirt penetrate straight to the inside of the cloth, while its  surface remains clean. That is why Sunbeam has so many uses. 

Makes it very easy to polish many types surfaces, e.g. windows, mirrors, lamps, water mixers, furnishings, ceramics, crockery, furniture accessories, car bodies, audio-video equipment, or any precision optics. For cleaning glasses, camera lenses, computer monitors, mobile phone screens, telescopes, CDs, etc.

 Use dry or slightly damp.

Sunbeam efficiently absorbs any odours from any surface. Durable, abrasion-resistant fabric ensures long service life  without losing its excellent properties.


After use wash with a bar of soap , preferably with our Nanosilver Natural Soap or in a washing machine 40*-60*C, WITHOUT FAFRIC SOFTENER

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